Nibbles Log

This is the log of J. T. Nibbles, currently Captain in the Royal Academy of the String Ball planet.

I was born on earth in 7000 B.C in Egypt to the first visitors to Earth from the String Ball planet. My Father’s name was Tiberius Nibbles and my Mother was Bastet Nibbles. Both came as String Ball ambassadors, but found earth primitive. They adopted an Egyptian family and saved them from various disease and pests. As they had children they increased their influence until all of Egypt revered Bastet and Tiberius.  They were worshipped as minor gods in Egypt.  A river was named after my Father and my Mother was widely worshipped as they outlived many Pharaohs.

A bronze statue of the cat goddess Bastet.

A bronze statue of the cat goddess Bastet.

After many years, the Cats of Bastet became drunk with power as their superior minds came to control humans via Catelepathy. We were banned in Egypt and my Father and Mother decided to send me back to String Ball for Academy training.  It would take 4 years for me to get to the home planet, but this would be over 4000 years here on Earth as we traveled near the speed of light. I vowed I would return some day to finish the work that my parent started.

String Ball Academy Training
During the trip, I studied hard and worked up the ranks to Captain. When I arrived on the home planet, I was celebrated as I met many-many relatives. Occasionally there was news from Earth, the Cat dynasty had fallen, my parents were dead and Earth was in control of the humans as they disregarded the cat ways.

Orders Received
I have received my  orders, return to Earth, assess the situation and rally the cats of earth to restore cat dominance. I boarded my space craft for the long journey and arrived on the Earth Year in 2020.

This is a record of my encounters:


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