Cats were sent to dominate earth during the reign of the Pharaohs of Egypt. Captain Nibbles travels millions of miles from the Stringball planet to check on the status of the Cat domination of Earth only to find that cats have become pets instead of the masters of  humankind. Captain Nibbles must rally the cat population of Earth to once again become the overlords of Earth by any means necessary. But first he must overcome the affection of the little girl, Marie-Claire and the domestication of his new cat sidekick, Toby.

Captain Nibbles is the idea of David Pfeiffer (writer) and Amanda Pfeiffer (illustrator and daughter of David). David is a Electrical Engineer from Marquette University and Amanda is has an Associates Degree in Animation from Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Captain Nibbles is a DPA Software production. Please subscribe to our comic strip and tell others about it.


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